Maximize ROI with an Efficient CDP RFP Process

Download this complimentary CDP RFP guide and CDP RFP template to kickstart your customer data vendor evaluation and selection with efficiency.

Consumer Perspectives on AI in Marketing and Customer Service ReportTo achieve immediate value and long-term business transformation, you need to select a customer data platform that is built to scale with your data needs. That’s why it’s critical to make sure the vendors you are evaluating have the right experience for your industry, and that their platform is right for your distinct applications and business needs.

Our CDP RFP guide explores the key steps needed to create a successful CDP evaluation and selection process – from the capabilities to consider, to the questions you should ask prospective vendors to make sure you’re making the right decision. We’ll also explore how to identify and prioritize the right use cases to set your CDP initiative up for success.

In this guide, you’ll gain practical guidance on:

  • The essential steps needed for an efficient CDP RFP process
  • How to select and define key customer data platform use cases
  • The 10 core capabilities you need in an enterprise CDP
  • How to ask the right vendor questions during evaluations

You’ll also gain access to our complimentary CDP RFP template, which includes 200+ questions across different CDP evaluation categories, including:

  • Evaluating a vendor’s track record, and potential for growth
  • Understanding technology and implementation expertise
  • Assessing data management, identity resolution, AI/ML, analytics, reporting, segmentation, and activation capabilities
  • Understanding data privacy, governance, consent, and security capabilities

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