Customer Data Platform Funding: Tracking CDP Industry Growth

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This page will be updated to reflect new customer data platform funding round data over time.

Twenty-one customer data platform (CDP) companies announced funding rounds in 2021, totaling $853 million — the largest in-period amount ever. This figure includes $786 million raised during the period and $67 million previously raised by companies. The CDP Institute notes that the $853 million was the highest in-period funding amount ever recorded.

Four companies raised over $100 million each. The amount these companies raised doubled the total amount raised by them previously.

Enterprise CDP platform vendor Treasure Data announced a $234 million round led by SoftBank Corp. during the period, which was the largest fundraising amount in CDP industry history.

In 2022, there have been eight fundraising round announced to date. It’s not clear that 2022 will see the same flurry of fundraising activity as 2021.

We suspect the fundraising rounds will come in waves. If 2022 continues to be slow, we’d expect another surge of fundraising in 2023-2024. In addition, moves made by Adobe, Salesforce, and Oracle, as well as cloud platforms AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure could lead CDP vendors to raise funds in response.

CDP Industry Funding Round Data at a Glance

The number of CDP companies announcing funding rounds by year:

  • 2019 (5)
  • 2020 (9)
  • 2021 (21)
  • 2022 (11)

The number of companies announcing funding rounds in 2019-2021 based on CDP type, according to the CDP Institute:

  • Analytics (7)
  • Campaign (16)
  • Data (7)
  • Delivery (5)

Customer Data Platform Funding Rounds by Vendor, 2019-2022

CompanyYearDateEventAmount (millions)Funding (millions) TotalHeadquartersCDP TypeYear Founded
Bikky202209/12/2922Seed$5.25United States2017
DrivenIQ202208/23/2022Series A$15United States 2019
CleverTap202208/09/2022Series D $105United StatesCampaign2013
Cordial202207/26/2022Series C$50$85United StatesDelivery
Fulcrum SaaS202205/23/22Seed$5.0$1.6United StatesCampaign1999
Conjura20224/26/2022Series A$15.9$15.9United KingdomAnalytics2016
Coginiti (was
202204/12/2022Venture$4.0$31.5United StatesAnalytics2005
Xeno 202203/14/2022Seed$1.6$1.6IndiaCampaign2016
CaliberMind20223/10/2022Series A$9.1$14.4United StatesCampaign2015
Bloomreach20222/23/22Series F$175.00$422.00United StatesDelivery2009
Ascent36020221/25/2022Series A$2.0$8.0United States Campaign2014
Mindbox202112/9/21Private equity$13.00$13.00RussiaDelivery2006
Treasure Data202111/3/21Venture$234.00$288.10United StatesCampaign2011
Openprise202110/20/21Series A$16.00$33.30United StatesData2013
mParticle202110/5/2021Series E$150.70$272.00United StatesData2013
Totango20219/29/2021Series D$109.90$146.60United StatesCampaign2010
Optimove20219/27/2021Secondary$75.00$95.00United StatesDelivery2009
SkyPoint20219/10/2021Seed$6.00$8.50United StatesCampaign2018
Zeotap20219/8/2021Series C$11.00$92.20GermanyData2014
Revinate20218/6/2021Series E$39.20$105.70United StatesCampaign2009
Amperity20217/13/2021Series D$100.00$187.00United StatesAnalytics2016
XtremePush20217/13/2021Private equity$31.40$31.40IrelandDelivery2014
SymphonyRM20215/18/2021Series B$25.00$35.00United StatesDelivery2014
ActionIQ20213/23/21Series C addition$67.70$144.70United StatesCampaign2014
SkyPoint20213/1/2021Seed$2.50$2.50United StatesCampaign2018
Lexer20212/25/2021Series B$26.30$33.80AustraliaDelivery2008
Blueshift20212/24/21Series C$39.00$64.60United StatesCampaign2014
Tealium20212/3/2021Series G$96.00$263.90United StatesAnalytics2008
Leadspace20212/3/2021Series D$46.00$107.00United StatesAnalytics2011
UserMind20211/26/2021Series C$14.00$60.20United StatesCampaign2013
CaliberMind20208/18/202025.3United StatesCampaign2015
mParticle20203/20/2020Series D45121United StatesData2013
Openprise20204/22/2020417United StatesData2013
ActionIQ20201/15/20203277United StatesCampaign2014
BlueConic20201/2/2020Series B1327United StatesCampaign2010
Amperity20197/15/20195087United StatesAnalytics2016
CleverTap201910/15/2019Series C3577CleverTapCampaign2013
Simon Data20198/19/2019Series C3064United StatesCampaign2014
RedPoint Global20199/25/20191437United StatesCampaign2006
Leadspace20199/6/2019561United StatesAnalytics2011
Customer Data Platform Funding Rounds by Vendor, 2019-2022

Tracking CDP Industry Trends

For more information on the growth of the CDP Industry, check out our resources below:

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