CDP Strategy

What is the CIO’s Role in Selecting a CDP?

CIOs should take a primary role to discuss the need for CDPs, the growth opportunities CDPs enable, and the due diligence on the scalability, security, and flexibility of customer profile data solutions.  

Digital Transformation

Why CDPs are Key Digital Transformation Platforms

I have been a part of many digital transformation initiatives, and they all have several common objectives around driving growth, improving customer experiences, becoming data-driven,

CDP Use Cases

3 Ways to Improve Your Ad Spend with a CDP

Over the last few years customer data platforms (CDPs) have become a critical technology infrastructure layer for many organizations looking to manage customer data and

CDP Strategy

4 Reasons Companies Are Turning to CDPs

Use of Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) is on the rise for everything from understanding customer COVID response to personalized customer journeys. Here’s why.

CDP Industry

Why DTC Is The Next Step For CPG Brands

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry needs to invest in DTC models now or risk becoming irrelevant. Here’s how they can successfully launch into DTC.


The Key to Cross-Channel Optimization

Marketers, stop optimizing within channels and start optimizing across channels. Learn how a holistic approach improves your overall customer experience.

Customer Experience

What Is Customer Experience (CX)?

While the definition of customer experience (CX) is simple, managing it is anything but. Find out how changing consumer expectations are redefining CX.