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Two hands holding a rectangular holiday gift wrapped in red and white striped wrapping paper and a gold bow.
Customer Experience

Customer Data: A Holiday Gift for Retailers

Exceptional holiday marketing starts with a personal touch. Here are five ways retailers can use customer data to make smarter marketing decisions this season.

Illustration of a brain with connected data points, symbolizing artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Top 4 Enterprise AI Trends for 2022 and Beyond

In 2022 the business world finally got to see artificial intelligence go mainstream. covers the top current enterprise AI trends, plus a look into the future.

Data Masking
Privacy, Security & Governance

How Data Masking Keeps Customer Data Private, Safe and Secure

Data masking, sometimes called data obfuscation, is a technique for modifying data that allows authorized people or applications to use customer data while preventing or limiting its exposure or use by unauthorized people or applications.

CDP Bureau United States
Privacy, Security & Governance

What is the CDP Bureau?

The U.S. Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy will advance policies that protect the integrity and security of the internet, while promoting U.S. interests.

Data Clean Rooms and CDP: What Marketers Need to Know
Customer Data & Identity

Data Clean Rooms: What Marketers Need to Know

A data clean room is a secure and anonymous private data exchange where a company matches its first-party data with aggregated data from a second-or-third-party data source.

Top 10 Things You Need In a CDP
Digital Transformation

10 Capabilities You Need in an Enterprise CDP

Enterprise CDP capabilities should enable marketing, IT and data management teams to quickly ingest, process and analyze data to deliver personalized omnichannel customer experiences.

CDP Use Cases

What CDP Use Cases Should You Focus On?

Read these key findings and insight from our research into CDP use cases, how they’re implementing CDP tech, and what requirements they expect it to meet.

Customer Data & Identity

Are Leaders Losing Confidence Since COVID-19?

A new EMEA report says there’s an increasing lack of leadership confidence and an increasing “fear of messing up.” Can more data-driven decision making help?

CDP Industry

CDP industry Sees Strong Growth in APAC

The CDP Institute has published its first State of the CDP Industry report for Asia-Pacific (APAC) in 2022, emphasizing the strong pace of growth compared to the rest of the world.

Digital Transformation

What is the CIO’s Role in Selecting a CDP?

What is the CIO’s role in selecting a CDP? CIOs should take a primary role to discuss the need for CDPs, growth opportunities, and due diligence on the scalability, security, and flexibility. 

Direct to Consumer

Why DTC Is The Next Step For CPG Brands

The consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry needs to invest in DTC models now or risk becoming irrelevant. Here’s how they can successfully launch into DTC.

Customer Experience

What Is Customer Experience (CX)?

While the definition of customer experience (CX) is simple, managing it is anything but. Find out how changing consumer expectations are redefining CX.