MarTech Day 2022: Marketing Technology Landscape Sees Continued Growth

Celebrate International MarTech Day!

The MarTech industry has exploded with 5,233 percent exponential growth since the release of the first Marketing Technology Landscape graphic in 2011. It has been two years since the last graphic was produced, and this year it is accompanied by a new appreciation holiday for marketing professionals.

On May 3, 2022, technical marketers across the globe celebrated International MarTech Day (#MarTechDay), a new day of appreciation for all the unsung heroes of the MarTech industry.

Not without coincidence, every year or so, Scott Brinker, editor,, and internet-proclaimed “Godfather of MarTech,” releases one of the most famous visualizations in marketing, The Martech Landscape. This year the release of the 2022 Marketing Technology Landscape coincides with the establishment of the new holiday.

Frans Riemersma, Founder of MartechTribe, and Scott Brinker wanted to shine a light on the marketing technology professionals and the technology they leverage to do the modern, data-driven marketing that will eventually be all our futures.

In a 90-minute webinar, Brinker and Riemersma rolled out the 2022 Marketing Technology Landscape and State of MarTech report which analyzed the current state of the MarTech industry.

The 2022 Marketing Technology Landscape

Beginning in 2011 with 150 companies, and expanding to 8,000 companies in the 2020 Landscape, Brinker states that the size and scope of the project has made it challenging to do annually. During the past year, Brinker has collaborated with Riemersma on the 2022 version, who currently produces an EU martech landscape graphic similar to Brinker’s.

Working together, Brinker and Riemersma have reformatted and envisioned the 2022 Marketing Technology Landscape as a more interactive and user-friendly solution.

The 2022 Marketing Technology Landscape saw 972 vendors removed and 2,904 added, for a total of 9,932 vendors in 49 categories. In just the CDP category alone there are 84 companies.

The overall Martech Landscape grew 24 percent since 2020. The largest increases in growth were in content & experience (34%), commerce & sales (24%), and management (67%).

The new 2022 Marketing Technology Landscape is now an interactive web-based solution that can also be downloaded as a static PDF. This was constructed using a democratized effort, with custom logos now being sourced favicons to simply additions, and the ability to filter by things like country, keyword, or subcategory.

Since the Marketing Technology Landscape is now dynamic, it can be added to and updated immediately, and with a fluid market under constant growth this is a big advantage.

Are you looking to provide feedback or participate, contact the map team at  

Celebrate Marketing Technology

Marketing technology can be a challenging field. Technical marketers are on the forefront of customer centric, data-driven programs and strategies. But not everyone appreciates this emerging profession and all those professionals need to do to succeed.

Brinker and Riemersma are establishing this holiday to provide some appreciation to the people, skills, technology, and processes needed to do truly agile data-driven marketing. They hope this will lead to more employee appreciation, and marketing leaders will take this opportunity to show technical marketers how much they care.

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Brian Carlson
Brian Carlson
Brian Carlson is the Founder and CEO of RoC Consulting, a digital consultancy that helps brands establish the optimal balance of content, technology and marketing to achieve their goals.