What is the CDP Bureau?

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On April 4, 2022, the U.S. Department of State established the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy, also known as the CDP Bureau. The goal of the CDP Bureau is to address the national security challenges, economic opportunities, and potential implications associated with cyberspace, digital technologies, and digital policy.

The CDP Bureau, expected to have nearly 100 employees, will consist of three core policy units: International Cyberspace Security, International Information and Communication Policy (ICP), and Digital Freedom Unit.

The CDP Bureau Mission

The Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy will lead the U.S. Department of State’s efforts on encouraging responsible state behavior in cyberspace and advance policies that protect the integrity and security of the internet while promoting U.S. interests. 

The CDP Bureau states its primary goal is the “desire to promote stability and security in cyberspace.” They also want to enable the advancement of the digital economy by promoting competitive and secure networks, as well as support a vision of an open digital future rooted in “enduring U.S. values.”

CDP Bureau Divisions

The International Cyberspace Security Division will lead the CDP’s efforts to promote cyberspace stability and security while protecting U.S. national security interests. The International Cyberspace Security Division will lead diplomacy on international cyberspace security across the globe, participate in foreign policy deliberations, as well as advance cyber policy priorities in regional organizations.

The International Information and Communications Policy (ICP) division will promote competitive and secure networks like 5G, protect telecom services and infrastructure through licensing, sanctions enforcement, and implement supply chain security. The ICP will partner with U.S. businesses, civil society, and foreign governments to promote U.S. leadership on digital issues.

The Digital Freedom unit will work with partners to defend against efforts to legitimize and adopt repressive and authoritarian practices in cyberspace.

The Government  Budget

How much will the CDP Bureau be budgeted for?

Congressman Jim Langevin (D-RI), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Cyber, Innovative Technologies, and Information Systems (CITI), and co-chair of the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus, a key proponent of the department, said of its funding, “I will be working ardently to ensure that Congress provides the Bureau the resources it needs to fulfill its essential mission.”

The Biden administration has requested a budget of $37 million for the CDP Bureau.

The Future of Cyber Regulations

The formation of the Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy is a step forward for the U.S. in its efforts to establish and enforce regulations to protect and advance national interests in cyberspace and expand the U.S. government’s authority over the inner workings of cyberspace from a national security perspective. Like the establishment of the Space Force to police the outer reaches of the cosmos, the establishment of the CDP Bureau is intended to police the inner dimensions of cyberspace. 

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Brian Carlson
Brian Carlson
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