Customer Journey Orchestration

What is Customer Journey Orchestration?

The customer journey is the path users follow as they interact with a company from the prospect stage to an established customer and beyond. It’s made up of all of the touch points that users have with the company, usually through the efforts of the company’s sales, service, and marketing teams. 

Journey orchestration, also called customer journey orchestration, is the process of delivering personalized experiences along the customer journey that lead to an optimal next step. This process relies on robust customer data, deep analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the next best step as part of a smart journey design. 

How Does Customer Journey Orchestration Work?

Customer journey orchestration works in real-time to provide a next step to a potential customer using an email marketing platform, website, mobile app, or SMS marketing service. It analyzes a user’s journey—whether that included filling out a form to download marketing content, asking a question through a website chatbot, or speaking with a salesperson on a call—to provide them with a new touchpoint, such as a link to related resources, an email with information connected to their interests, or a call from to answer questions they may have.

Whether the journey is driven by demographic, behavioral, or affinity-driven customer data, journey orchestration analyzes relevant data and uses predictive modeling to determine the next steps most likely to lead to the desired result.

Journey orchestration not only personalizes the customer experience, it makes the experience seamless as well. While business operations may be siloed in different departments, the customer has one experience. If they recently signed up for and attended several product-focused webinars with the marketing team, AI-driven journey orchestration can determine that they have an interest in that product and send them a next step such as the option to sign up for an in-person, 1-on-1 demo for that product with the sales team. This better unites the efforts of all teams for a seamless customer journey.

Technology Used in Customer Journey Orchestration

There are two options for the technology to power journey orchestration: a dedicated customer journey orchestration engine or a broader platform with integrated journey orchestration.

An engine will connect to your customer data sources such as a customer relationship management (CRM) or customer data platform (CDP), analyzing the data to determine an optimal, personalized next step for each potential customer and their journey. It also connects to end-points to provide that step, such as sending an email or a push notification through a mobile app.

The other option is to use a robust platform like a CDP or CRM that has journey orchestration capabilities included. This can reduce costs associated with your technology stack by using one platform. It can also lessen the chance of inconsistencies or issues with the integrity of the data by eliminating the need for separate platforms to house customer data and perform journey orchestration. Staff Staff
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