CDP Industry Tech Mergers and Acquisitions By Vendor

CDP industry tech mergers and acquisitions can vary in activity from one period to the next. In 2021, the CDP Institute noted seven acquisitions, one merger, and one divestiture. The Institute’s January 2022 report saw only three minor acquisitions.

According to the report, “The period saw only three CDP acquisitions, all small firms. This is a substantial slowdown compared with the previous twelve months, which saw a dozen deals including large and mid-size firms such as Segment, Emarsys, Exponea, BlueVenn, and Boxever.”

Acquiring companies used their CDP purchase to expand their customer data capabilities. Categories include Account-Based Marketing (ABM) platforms, marketing cloud vendors, marketing automation platforms, email marketing platforms and Digital Experience Platforms (DXPs). DXP platforms are the most common acquirer of customer data platforms (CDPs).

On the one hand, a decrease in M&A activity could signal an industry that’s beginning to mature. On the other hand, larger market forces or trends may cause M&A activity to surge once again. For example, what if a major cloud platform (e.g., AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud) acquired a CDP vendor? Could that create a domino effect that causes competitors – or even mid-tier cloud platforms – to follow suit?

Time will tell. In the meantime, we’ll keep this post updated as we go, adding details on acquisitions, mergers and more.

At A Glance: CDP Industry M&A

  • In the last four years there have been 29 acquisitions in the CDP industry
  • There were 12 acquisitions in 2021, the busiest year on record
  • The largest acquisition to date is when Twilio acquired Segment for $3.2 billion
  • Acquisitions by CDP type: Delivery (25%) Campaign (39%), Analytics (25%), Data (11%)

CDP Industry M&A Tracker: Top Tech Mergers

This table tracks recent M&A activity in the CDP industry. The data contained in this table was provided by CDP Institute research.

CompanyDateEventBuyer/PartnerAmount(millions)Funding (millions)HeadquartersCDP TypeYear Founded
Vidora8/3/2022AcquisitionmParticleUnknownUnited StatesData2013
Zylotech10/1/21PurchaseTerminusUnknown$7.10United StatesAnalytics2014
UserMind7/20/21PurchaseQualtricsUnknown$60.20United StatesCampaign2013
Bridg4/14/21PurchaseCardlytics$350.00$11.00United StatesDelivery2012
Hull.io3/30/21PurchaseMessageBirdUnknown$5.20United StatesData2013
Zaius2/22/21PurchaseOptimizelyUnknown$50.80United StatesDelivery2012
NextGuest2/17/21MergerCendynUnknown United StatesDelivery2001
BlueVenn2/2/21PurchaseUpland Software$52.00 United KingdomCampaign2013
Exponea1/26/21PurchaseBloomreachUnknown$41.40Czech RepublicDelivery2015
Np61/21/21PurchaseChapsvisionUnknown FranceDelivery1999
Easyence1/18/21Divest YsanceDevoteamUnknown$6.00FranceAnalytics2005
Source: Crunchbase/CDP Institute

Tracking CDP Industry Growth

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