Top MarTech & CDP Industry Analysts You Need to Know

With increased interest in CDPs, industry analysts and experts have emerged to help organizations evaluate, select and implement CDP solutions. In this post, we feature well-known CDP industry analysts and experts you should follow for the latest updates on the state of the CDP industry. 

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Benjamin Bloom, VP Analyst, Gartner

Benjamin Bloom is VP Analyst at Gartner who specialized in MarTech stack optimization and customer data management. Bloom writes frequently on the Gartner blog about CDPs. You can check out his recent articles here.

Tony Byrne - Top Marketing Experts

Tony Byrne, Founder, Real Story Group

Tony Byrne is founder of analyst firm Real Story Group. Real Story Group provides extensive research of the CDP industry, including evaluations of the weaknesses and strengths of 31 CDP products. In addition to providing vendor analysis of MarTech subcategories, Byrne is author of the book “The Right Way to Select Technology: Get the Real Story on Finding the Best Fit,” published in 2017 with Jarrod Gingras.

You can find Byrne’s most recent articles and perspectives here.

Brian Carlson - Top Marketing Experts

Brian Carlson, Founder, RoC Consulting

Brian Carlson is the Founder of RoC Consulting, a digital consultancy focused on helping brands strike the right balance of content, technology and marketing to affect the customer experience. Carlson has over 25 years of experience as a leader in digital content, technology, and marketing. He is hyper-focused on the CDP space, covering the CDP industry, CDP applications, and emerging trends in MarTech. You can check out his recent articles for here.

Simon Daniels, Principal Analyst, Marketing Operations Strategies, Forrester

Simon Daniels is Principal Analyst at Forrester with a background in B2B marketing operations. He focuses on driving and facilitating go-to-market strategy, execution, and measurement. You can find Daniels’ most recent articles and perspectives here.

Apoorv Durga, Vice President, Research & Advisory, Real Story Group

Apoorv Durga is the VP of Research & Advisory for Real Story Group. Durga specializes in omnichannel stack technologies, and covers platforms like CDPs, WCM, MAPs, and others. You can find Durga’s latest articles and perspectives here.

Paul Greenberg, Managing Principal of The 56 Group

Paul Greenberg is an author an the Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC, a customer-facing strategic consulting company. Paul is a well-known expert on topics like CRM, customer engagement, customer experience, technology integration, marketing and sales alignment. You can find Greenberg’s latest articles and perspectives here.

Doug Henschen, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

Doug Henschen is a VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. He focuses on analytics, big data platforms, data management, and data management technologies. Henschen’s “Data-to-Decisions” research explores how organizations can use data analysis to reimagine their business models and “gain a deeper understanding of their customers.” You can find Henschen’s most recent articles and perspectives here.

Greg Kihlström, Principal, Chief Strategist at GK5A

Greg Kihlström is a best-selling author, speaker, and entrepreneur. He has worked with some of the world’s leading organizations on customer experience, employee experience, and digital transformation initiatives. Kihlström is also the host of the “The Agile Brand” podcast, and has authored a number of articles on MarTech, brand, CX, and digital transformation trends. You can check out his latest work here.

Greg Krehbiel, President at The Krehbiel Group

Greg Krehbiel is a consultant who helps businesses with marketing, technology and operations, with a focus on customer data platform selection, implementation, and optimization. Krehbiel also has expertise in acquisition and retention, e-commerce, RFPs, fulfillment, and project management. You can find Krehbiel’s most recent articles and perspectives here.

Lizzy Foo Kune - Top Marketing Experts

Lizzy Foo Kune, VP Analyst, Gartner

Lizzy Foo Kune is a VP analyst at Gartner. Lizzy specializes in marketing data and analytics, with a focus on customer data management, marketing dashboard technology and reporting processes. You check out her most recent articles and perspectives here.

Katie Linford, Principal Analyst, Marketing Operations, Forrester

Katie Linford is a principal analyst at Forrester. She has 18+ years of marketing technology experience spanning solutions, implementation, and operations. You can check out her recent articles and perspectives here.

Liz Miller, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research

We followed Liz’s work when she led research, programs and content for the Chief Marketing Officer Council. Now, Miller is VP & Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. 

According to her Constellation Research bio, Miller “spends time zeroing in on the business demands on today’s Chief Marketing Officer, the evolution of customer engagement, and the rising requirement for a new security posture that accounts for the threat to brand trust.” You can check out Miller’s recent articles and perspectives here.

Gerry Murray, Research Director, Marketing and Sales Technology, IDC

Gerry Murray is the Research Director of Marketing and Sales Technology at IDC. He covers marketing technology and produces competitive assessments, market forecasts, innovator reports, maturity models, case studies, and thought leadership research. You can check out Murray’s recent articles and perspectives here.

Top Marketing Experts - David Raab, CDP Institute

David Raab, Founder, CDP Institute

David Raab is Founder of the CDP Institute, a research organization that provides information and training on customer data management and customer data platforms. The CDP Institute is known for releasing bi-annual reports on the state of the CDP industry, CDP vendor evaluation guides, and other criteria for the review and selection of customer data platforms.

In addition to his work with CDP Institute, Raab is a marketing consultant who specializes in marketing software and service vendor selection at Raab Associates. For more on Raab’s perspectives on the CDP industry, check our his interview on the “Customer Data Perspectives” podcast.

David Wallace, Research Director, Customer Data and Analytics, IDC

David Wallace is the Research Director for Customer Data and Analytics at IDC. He is also the lead analyst for the worldwide CDP software market. Wallace covers trends in technology, data, and business processes used to improve the customer experience. Other areas of research include AI in marketing, contact centers and customer service, and other SaaS applications used to improve CX for both B2B and B2C brands. You can find Wallace’s latest articles and perspectives here.

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